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Welcome to the Westclox Museum!

The Westclox Museum is proud to present to you a history of the Western Clock Company, better known as Westclox, that was founded in Peru, Illinois and continued to operate in this location for nearly a century!  The museum is located in a portion of the historic Westclox building, so don't miss out on your chance to see and learn about the company that began waking up America, and eventually the world, in 1885.

Had family who worked at the Westclox?

We have a large collection of Tick Talk Magazines that hold all of the fun and wonderful stories of the thousands of employees who worked here at the Westclox factory!  Visit us, and we'll tell you stories about your family members you might not even know about! 



               “You never now what you might find at the Westclox Museum!”

Original Western Clock Mfg. Co., built 1902.jpg
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Timeless Clocks
Tick Talk Magazines
Historic Westclox
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