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About Us!

Westclox Museum

The museum is dedicated to the preservation and displaying of collections of products, documents, photos, antiques and history of the Westclox Company.

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Educational Center

The Westclox Museum provides a wealth of information for all ages, through our displays, reference library and the knowledge of our museum curator and volunteers in regards to the history of the Westclox Factory and the people who once worked there. We are happy to arrange special visits for school groups and organizations. To make arrangements go to Information.

Westclox Exhibit

The Westclox Museum collections range from different models of Westclox clocks through the century, including the well-recognized Big Ben and Baby Ben clocks, to a vast assortment of photos, tools-of-the-trade and reference materials.  The collection came to fruition thanks to donations from private collectors, former employees and individuals who wanted to help the museum preserve memories of Westclox and the people who made it what it once was – the largest manufacturer of key-wound clocks in the world!

Our current collection:
Westclox clocks
Reference Library
Tick Talk Magazines
War effort memorabilia
Westclox Related Documents
Our Sister Company!

The Western Clock Company (Westclox) may have started here in Peru, IL but it has reached far and wide since its inception and has built plants in Canada and Scotland. If you're interested in the Canadian plant make sure to check out the website by clicking the link below!

In Depth Look at Clocks!

The Westclox Museum has plenty of in house research material and information but for those who are unable to reach the museum and would like to look further into the clocks made by the Westclox, visit the clock history page!

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